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Search for Qaddafi: House to House, Zanga to Zanga

In the last hour, Facebook, Twitter and main media outlets are bombarding us with conflicting news of Qaddafi’s whereabouts. 

Here are some of those reports:

  1. Tripoli: He’s been captured in the capital along with his sons. Mohamed, his son has surrendered and Saif Al-Islam has been captured. No video footage or photos have been released till this moment and reports of Qaddafi’s capture have not yet been confirmed nor verified. A Dutch friend of mine says local news in the Netherlands say “ICC PROSECUTOR’S SPOKESWOMAN SAYS HAS CONFIRMATION GADDAFI HAS BEEN DETAINED.” Qaddafi the father or Qaddafi the son … je ne sais pas… *UPDATE: Saif Al-Islam is the one detained*
  2. Algeria: Qaddafi has managed to flee to Algeria. His three speeches in the past 24 hours are pre-recorded, said a spokesman of TNC on Al-Jazeera Arabic citing Qaddafi’s appeal to areas already captured by rebels. David Ignatius made reference to previous reports on money transfers to Algeria by the Qaddafi regime. This is plausible, as I mentioned before. Will it be his final destination? I’m not sure. It seems that he will be better off in Zimbabwe provided his flee is done in the midst of the chaos currently enveloping Tripoli.
  3. Libyan Desert: Lastly, a couple of towns in the Libyan desert are residence to Qaddafi’s tribe, the Qaddadifa, and he may seek refuge there, again to continue his flight outside Libyan territory, most probably south-bound.

Whichever the case may be, search for Qaddafi will continue, using his own words “house to house, zanga to zanga (zanga is colloquial for neighbourhood)” until he is captured and held accountable for his acts. 


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